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Top 3 Year-to-Date Performances by Uranium Companies

Uranium Investing News examines the top three year-to-date performances by junior and mid-tier uranium companies. Anfield Resources, Energy Fuels and NexGen Energy have all seen share price increases of 40 percent this year as they look to take advantage of the resurgent uranium market.

Uranium Price Jumps Most in 16 Months; Japan Approves Reactors

It was a big day for the uranium market on Friday, with word that the governor of Japan's Kagoshima prefecture has granted approval to restart two reactors at the Sendai nuclear power plant.

Uranium Exploration Beyond the Athabasca Basin

Uranium exploration in northern Saskatchewan has been going in a different direction recently. With the south of the basin staked-out, companies are looking once again to the under-explored northeastern part of Saskatchewan and into Manitoba where many of the same ingredients exist for high-grade mineralization potential. To learn more about the region, we spoke with Kivallq Energy's Jeff Ward and Northern Uranium's Chad Ulansky for insight on what's brought them to the region.