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Uranium Industry Bracing for Aftershock of Quake

As stakeholders in the uranium and nuclear industries are keenly awaiting the results of reviews, policy makers and speculators are both exhibiting an active interest. It is important for investors to note the potential significance of the development, although trading on emotion in lieu of solid data has often been demonstrated counterproductive.

China Continuing to Obtain Gas Resources

The recent deal represents the biggest investment to date by a Chinese company in the North American energy sector, appearing to balance demand to develop gas fields at a time when low commodity prices are not providing companies with enough cash flow efficiently. The agreement could underscore greater exposure for resource companies to eventually export shipments to offshore markets.

Oil Price Trends

Oil prices have risen steadily this quarter. Benchmark crude hit a 26-month high on Monday near $92 per barrel and is forecast by some analysts to be headed to $100, driven by quantitative easing in the United States and as data supporting robust growth in India and China drive demand. Analysts believe OPEC's evident reluctance to increase output and the prospect of continued dollar weakness add to the case for costlier oil in 2011.

Analysts’ Forecasts Positive for Gas Investors

On Tuesday, Richard Bernstein, Chief Executive Officer at Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC (RBA) offered bullish commentary for the broader energy sector for 2011: “if the economy is indeed beginning to enter the mid-phase of the cycle, then energy and materials stocks begin to take leadership positions. We expect both global sectors to outperform in 2011.”

Russia and United States Cooperating on Low Enrichment Uranium Initiative

The United States and Russia signed an agreement to conduct feasibility studies (FS) in order to convert Russian research nuclear reactors to using low-enriched uranium. This recent joint U.S.- Russian cooperation demonstrates the increasingly globalized nature of nuclear energy.

Alberta Gas Exploration Company Reporting Strong Operational Efficiency

Disciplined capital allocation and efficient operations have been the primary catalyst for strong results. The year has been very good for Vero Energy shareholders as prices have increased 49% since the beginning of the year to its current trading range at $6.63 per share.

Uranium Mining Interests to Benefit from International Cooperation

A report from the Namibian High Commission in India indicates that Namibia and India have entered into a bilateral cooperation agreement, including collaboration in the uranium and diamond sectors, which will potentially result in increased trade and investment activities between the two countries.