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Strateco Receives Creditors Protection After Quebec Government Refuses to Permit Matoush Project

Strateco Resources Inc. (TSX:RSC,OTCMKTS:SRSIF) announced its has received creditors protection from the the Superior Court of Quebec under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act after the Quebec government refused to grant the company the certificate of authorization needed to continue with the operation.

Innovative Technologies in the Lithium Space: Part 1

Certainly, there’s been plenty of innovation happening in the lithium space as of late, but it might be difficult for investors to get a handle on all of the different technologies being developed in the junior lithium space at the moment. To get a bit more insight, Lithium Investing News spoke with CEOs and other representatives of a number of lithium juniors to find out about what they’re working on in the way of lithium extraction and processing technologies.

RB Energy CEO Not Giving Up on Quebec Lithium Project

It's been a rough month for Quebec lithium producer RB Energy, which went from production to shutdown in a matter of weeks on exhausted financials. To learn more about what happened, Lithium Investing News spoke with the company's CEO, Richard Clark. He made it clear that despite the setback, he isn't giving up on North America's only lithium project.

RB Energy Falls 33 Percent After Halting Production at Quebec Lithium Plant

After failing to secure additional funding to maintain its current operations, lithium producer RB Energy announced Wednesday that it has halted work at its Quebec lithium plant. The statement follows last week's news that the company has not completed a best-efforts offering "due to difficult market conditions."