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To Plot Your Energy Investments, Consult the Map: James West

Understanding asset values is the name of the game for early-stage resource plays—that's how investors in the Bakken made huge returns. But with the first round of shale plays largely maturing, where are the next big opportunities for junior explorers? In many cases, abroad, says James West, publisher of The Midas Letter. In this interview with The Energy Report, West rolls out the map and shows us where juniors are headed. He also names some companies who are thriving on North American soil. If boots-on-the-ground prospecting puts a glint in your eye, read on.

Giant Exxon Discovery Could Change Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Outlook

Oil companies are hoping this latest major find will provide further justification for speeding up the permit issuing process for deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil Exploration Hotspots

A brief look at 3 oil exploration hotspots, all of which have already produced multi-billion barrel finds of recoverable crude in the last few years, and that may still hold much more.