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Lithium Market Reliant on Batteries for Continued Strong Demand

Roskill provided analysis on the future of the lithium market. The company determined that rechargeable batteries accounted for 27 percent of global lithium consumption in 2012. The end use of batteries was responsible for 44 percent of the net increase in lithium consumption over the lat ten years and 70 percent over the last five.

2012 Lithium Market Outlook

With international trade related indicators, such as export orders and container shipping rates, pointing towards weaker global trade growth, the lithium market outlook may face some challenges. However, a case can also be made that in the absence of last year's unpredictable natural events a more positive business and overall investment climate may return for lithium producers and juniors.

Lithium Industry Q4 Outlook

Overall outlook for the lithium industry is dependent upon demand from a number of contributing areas including future adoption and accelerated market penetration within the electric vehicle industry as well as continued global demand for consumer electronics and mobile devices according to some analysts.