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What Does the Tesla Battery Announcement Mean for Lithium, Graphite and Cobalt?

Resource Investing News spoke with Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence to get a bit more insight into what Tesla's recent news could mean for the lithium, graphite and cobalt sectors.

What do Floods in Chile Mean for Lithium Supply?

The north of Chile has been devastated by heavy rains and flooding that began last Tuesday, and while there have been several reports on how the rainfall has affected copper mines in the region, some investors are likely wondering what it means for lithium operations as well.

Innovative Technologies in the Lithium Space: Part 1

Certainly, there’s been plenty of innovation happening in the lithium space as of late, but it might be difficult for investors to get a handle on all of the different technologies being developed in the junior lithium space at the moment. To get a bit more insight, Lithium Investing News spoke with CEOs and other representatives of a number of lithium juniors to find out about what they’re working on in the way of lithium extraction and processing technologies.