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Optimizing Lithium Applications

With lithium ion batteries as stationary energy storage for the power grid emerging rapidly as a growing market, manufacturers may be challenged with the prospects of redistributing capital from the potential of electric vehicle battery manufacturing to grid oriented energy solutions.

International Lithium Awareness Month

More than four decades following the conception of Earth Day, international interest in alternative energy sources has become a strong focus of social, political and commercial enterprise. It is not just a matter of coincidence that a significant number of electric vehicle and lithium battery technology conferences have been scheduled at this time of year.

Electric Car Testing Heating Up In Abu Dhabi

Earth and Industry reports that Masdar, the multi-faceted clean energy company backed by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is heading a new project with Mitsubishi to test a fleet of 10 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs in Masdar City, the planned sustainable city and cleantech hub. The report is quoted as saying: During the pilot, Masdar will test [...]

Canadian Lithium Developments Representing Economic Viability

The market has demonstrated strong confidence in the project since the latest press release sending the share prices up over 11 percent from $1.24 to just above the $1.40 range at which it is currently trading. The performance is particularly notable considering the downside pressure reflected in the weighted average Byron Capital Markets Lithium average which has seen depreciation close to 9 percent over the same time frame.

United States’ Initiative Underscores Positive Development for Lithium Investors

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu joined seven other U.S. government agencies in launching a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Export Initiative. Lithium investors will be familiar with the mandate of the initiative to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency exports.

Canadian Lithium Developer Posting Strong Results

Canada Lithium Corp released an announcement that the company has produced battery-grade lithium carbonate samples to send to potential customers for testing, surpassing industry standards.