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India Supreme Court Holds Off on Coal Block Decision

Reuters reported that a hearing on illegal coal licenses in India ended on Tuesday with the Supreme Court stating it would reserve judgement for a later date. In August, the court found India's method of granting coal licenses to be illegal, putting hundreds of coal blocks in limbo and threatening India's already precarious supply.

Fraser Surrey Docks Gets Permit to Add Coal Shipping Facility, Vancouver

CBC News reported that Port Metro Vancouver has given Fraser Surrey Docks a permit to add a coal shipping facility to its existing terminal despite strong opposition from residents, environmentalists and municipal governments. Port officials have said that there will be a ban on coal storage at the facility, and that the project will include measures to reduce coal dust that could escape from barges and trains.

Coal Sector Could be Good Value in Today’s Market

In an article for Investopedia, Aaron Levitt made a case for investing in coal, suggesting that the demise of the sector may be overstated by some. Among other things, the author noted that the broad index for coal is up in 2014, albeit not being close to all-time highs.

Indian Coal-Fired Plants Running Out of Stock

Reuters reported today that according to India's state run NTPC (NSE:NTPC), six of the country's coal fired power plants could not handle even a small supply disruption due to low coal stocks. NTPC Chairman Arup Roy Choudhury told the news outlet that coming monsoons would make it even more difficult to replenish stocks in the country.