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Painted With the Same Brush: Colonial Coal CEO David Austin on the Metallurgical Coal Market

Ask most resource investors about the difference between thermal coal vs. metallurgical or coking coal, and you might get a few blank stares. The two are often mistakenly painted with the same brush by investors, analysts, and fund managers, but the difference is an important one, and is explained in this interview with coal industry veteran David Austin.

Corsa Coal to Acquire PBS Coals for US$60 Million from Russia’s Severstal

The metallurgical coal space saw some action today, as Toronto’s Corsa Coal Corp. (TSXV:CSO) announced  plans to acquire all issued and outstanding shares of PBS Coals, a low volatile metallurgical coal producer based in Pennsylvania. Currently, PBS Coals is owned by Lybica Holding B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Russian Steelmaker OAO Severstal (MCX:CHMF). Acquired by [...]

Types of Coal Upgrading Technologies

Coal upgrading technologies have gotten plenty of attention as of late in light of recent changes to U.S. EPA rules, but these technologies are not new. Companies around the world have long been working hard to improve and develop efficient and environmentally friendly methods of upgrading coal.