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Russia’s Gas Deal With China Could Undercut BC’s Plans for LNG

The Edmonton Journal reported today that although British Columbia Premier Christy Clark has high hopes for a booming liquified natural gas export industry on British Columbia's coast, she may be sidestepped by an impending gas deal between Russia and China. The Journal spoke with Leslie Palti-Guzman, senior analyst, global energy and natural resources at New York-based Eurasia Group, on the subject.

Vietnam Breaks Norm by Covering Chinese Oil Rig Protests

Voice of America reported that although protests are usually strictly controlled in Vietnam, demonstrations relating to China’s deployment of an oil rig near the Paracel islands were covered by the state-run media. Hundreds took to the streets in Vietnam on Sunday to protest actions in the South China Sea in which Chinese and Vietnamese vessels clashing over an oil rig in contested waters, according to Voice of America.

China Moves in on Vietnam Oil Territory

Forbes reported today that Vietnam is asking Beijing to call off the movement of a Chinese oil rig towards large reserves discovered and owned by Exxon and PetroVietnam. According to Forbes, the action followed president Obama's 'China containment tour,' although the United States is not expected to retaliate against the move.