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Ukraine in Talks with Europe to Modernize and Maintain Gas Infrastructure

ITAR-TASS reported today that Kiev is in talks with European gas companies regarding a national gas consortium that would help Ukraine with its natural gas transportation system. Ukraine's parliament-appointed Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yuriy Prodan told ITAR-TASS that he country has forwarded proposals to European gas companies, but that Kiev is not in talks with Moscow concerning the issue.

BC Reverses Environmental LNG Rules

The Vancouver Sun reported that a government decision to exempt 99 percent of provincially produced natural gas from environmental assessment was reversed by the Liberal government and British Columbia Environment Minister Mary Polak on Wednesday.

Oil Sands Producers Face Rising Natural Gas Costs

The Globe and Mail reported today that oil sands companies who rely on natural gas to run their operations may face a price squeeze as natural gas costs rise. The gas is used to create steam to soften oil-rich bitumen deposits. According to the Globe, gas prices for the May contract rose to $4.62 per million btu on the New York Mercantile Exchange.