U308 Says Vinegar Improves Leaching Process

U3O8 Corp. (TSX:UWE,OTCQX:UWEFF) announced adding an acetic acid leach step to the metallurgical process by which the uranium, phosphate, vanadium, rare earths and other metals is beneficial.

U308 Corp’s President and CEO, Richard Spencer said:

U3O8 Corp’s extensive metallurgical testing has resulted in the development of a straightforward ferric leach method that works very efficiently to extract the mix of commodities on the Berlin Project. This latest advance of leaching the mineralized material with vinegar makes the subsequent ferric iron leach process more efficient. In addition, the re-generation of the vinegar for recycling into the process yields a high-quality gypsum by-product for potential use in the local and international construction industry and booming agricultural sector in Colombia. Potential credits from the gypsum could significantly reduce acid costs as well as lowering capital costs, thereby making a positive contribution to the project’s economics. A detailed flow sheet that defines the entire metallurgical process will be released shortly as we update on further optimization of the process and progress on the preliminary economic assessment due later this year.

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